La Academia was founded by Jose and Catalina Henriquez in 1991.

Originally from El Salvador, Jose played soccer professionally for several years before moving his family to the US. Applying his experience as a player, he began his training to become a coach in hopes to help develop players in undeserved communities. After realizing that the type of organization that they envisioned didn’t exist, they decided to start their own, an academy that focused on developing education, culture, and sports.
Over the years, many players have been through his program who have gone on to play at the collegiate level, become coaches themselves, and become successful contributors to their own communities.




Since 1991, La Academia ECS has existed to serve the community by promoting Education, Culture, and
Sports in youth. Our philosophy is that as we help a player learn soccer skills they will also learn and
develop other skills and attributes that will enable them to become independent, successful,
contributors to their own communities.


Our core beliefs are the following:

1. All people have talents and abilities that can be developed and strengthened


2. It is our responsibility to help each player achieve their maximum potential
athletically as well as academically in order to prepare them for future opportunities.


 3. We promote values such as respect, hard work, consistent discipline,patience, and sacrifice.

4. We are determined to set and reach goals for each player’s athletic development as well as other areas in their life.

5. We prepare and motivate all players to develop the necessary attitude to overcome challenges with courage, dignity, and humility, on and off the field.

6. We help develop players’ athleticism, and emotional awareness in order to improve their perspective and understanding of the game.

7. Our coaches are charged with the responsibility to prepare and develop each player’s potential based on their age and experience.